Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

As Mothers Day fastly approaches tomorrow, I wanted to hurry and get a blog up for all the moms out there. As I have been on my mission for a little now I have really come to know and recognize how important moms are. I remember President Hinkley giving a talk about them one time and saying that without them we couldn't do anything. It's so true and without them we wouldn't even be here. So many women in todays world feel that they are nothing and dont have any role. That is completely wrong! You all have the biggest role of anybody of bringing about children and bearing children. Its amazing to me to think about the trust God has in each of you to create and raise human beings. Women truly are amazing and especially moms. You are who everybody turns to when they are hurt. Who everbody turns to when they are down, or just who everybody turns to when they need somebody to talk to. Without moms we really would be in trouble and it wouldn't be the same.
I would like to say a little about my own mom. I have the best mom in the world, and she really is the most amazing person I know. Im not going to lie being away from her on my mission has been really hard for me. I have realized how much she really did for me and I will always be so appreciative of that. I miss my mom like crazy and truly love that lady. Nobody will ever know the impact and influence she has made on my life and shaping me in to who I am today. Just as Abraham Lincoln said "All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother" That is exactly how I feel and I want to thank my mom for all she does and is. Along with all you moms out there. Tomorrow is a special day for me being on a mission because it is one of the two times a year I get to call home and I can't even wait to tell my mom Happy Mothers Day and that I love her.  I hope you have the best day tomorrow and know how special you are to everybody. Lets all remember out moms tomorrow. Go check out this video on Mothers Day. This is how I feel about my mom. Happy Mothers Day mom. I love you!

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